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About Us

Over 20 Years in Boating Repairs, Boat Restoration, Custom Teak, Holly Floors, Cabinets and More!

In business since the early 1990’s. I, (Brett Gorke) began working at Oceanside Harbor under the wing of ‘Master Shipwright’ Dennis Sterling. Learning the trade it evolved into a passion of creating beautiful works of art and doing jobs that most would walk away from…

Dennis and I began to get so many referrals together that we decided to start our own business formerly known as the SHIP SHAPE SHIP SHOP. Over the coarse of 5 or so years we had done every imaginable thing there was to do in fiberglass or wood, from making fiberglass molds to custom interior work, cabinets and transom extensions! We’re talking adding 4′ to 6′ to the length of a boat! We soon moved north to L.A. Harbor where we rented a shop on the water at Berth 55 and began to move into the commercial market working for many tug boat companies, Cruise ships, and the Movie industry. Dennis moved into semi retirement and I moved my portion of the shop to my house in Costa Mesa. I currently work on both commercial and private vessels.

Brett's Custom Marine Carpentry and Fiberglass